E90 is designed as an answer to the increased requirements of the contemporary architectural systems for improving the quality and the security of the ready product, reducing the time for installation, the uniqueness of design and the freedom of architectural solutions.

The system was designed on needs and requirements that requirements that are recorded form projects and companies in the Balkan region. One of the advantages of the system is the installation without scaffolding and thus making it independent from weather conditions. The drainage of the rain water and the condensation is controlled.

E90 is designed in the spirit of ETEM Energy Efficient Systems, a concept of ETEM to create new products in compliance with energy efficiency parameters, sustainable development and improving the working conditions


Ε85 is modern, state-of-the-art, mullion – transom façade system. It is the result of 2.5 years of research, which integrated the know-how of energy efficiency technology and characteristics with current and future building construction requirements.

Its 50mm column width design ensures full compliance with the strictest international specifications and renders high thermal and water tightness performance.

E85 is a complete system that incorporates different construction solutions and gives the Architect the ability to design beyond conventional restrictions. Atriums, corner constructions, domes, pyramids, cupolas and curved constructions are feasible and easy to construct with E85.

The certifications the system acquired, which were obtained from accredited European laboratories in accordance with European and American specifications, prove that E85 is one of the top facades available.


E8000 is designed to successfully meet any architectural or structural demand. Being designed on modern views on functionality, it ensures thermal and noise insulation.

It is a reliable and popular especially for the construction of big projects – shopping malls, airports, stations, etc. The system has a superior earthquake protection design and meets all modern structural and technological requirements.

E8000 unique feature is the cassette structure built on a traditional stick system. Thus, it allows top hung or parallel opening vents with the same outer appearance as the fixed cassettes. Internally in the cassettes, the system allows the usage of different types of materials while externally pphotovoltaic panels and sun protection systems can be harmonically incorporated with E8000.