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In Cosmodoor we love our job

Watching all the contemporary trends of the market Cosmodoor constantly enriches its already wide range with new quality products provide an excellent correlation of quality and prices, variety, high design, qualified personnel and technical support.

Aluminium Frames

We daily interact with the external world through a door or a window. The window could be the most important frame of a building as it has to fulfil very difficult and contradictory aims.

Interior Doors

Wood, glass and inox are applied in the contemporary design of joinery, accommodating the highest of the expectations.

Security Doors

Choose from a wide range of designs the one witch best meets the requirements of your space and enjoy the safety, the warmth and the luxury of a Cosmodoor door.

We have turned inspiration into our job.

Having the technical mastery and the will that distinguishes us it is noticeable that Cosmodoor doors stand out.

Security Doors

Technology and imagination in the service of aesthetics. Doors that stand out for their balance of their design and their pioneer manufacture. The range of our designs makes our door fully harmonized with the aesthetics of your space. The excellent manufacture, the detailed paint and the practicality of the Cosmodoor product will justify your choice anytime.

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Our Projects

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Window frames with responsibility and consistency

With consistency, hard work and our personal interaction, with our costumers we managed to gain your trust. Our window frames design, the long lasting quality and the practicality of our window frames made us pioneers in our field.

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Other Products

The wide variety of our design, the use of pure aluminum and the easy installation techniques of the Cosmodoor rails, are a comparable advantage as they ensure even better durability in areas with special weather conditions.

Robert Gavick
Curtain Walls
Paulina Nowakowska
Tomasz Dziuda


Flat Interior Door Laminate
160€ + VAT
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Flat Laminate Security Door
380€ + VAT
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PVC Balcony Frames + Rollings
350€ + VAT
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